Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Supplies Since 1935

Residential, Commercial or Industrial

Thompson Supply provides equipment, parts and supplies for your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration needs whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Wide Inventory in Stock

Serving the greater St. Louis area since 1935, Thompson Supply, as a third generation family-owned and operated business, continues to provide our customer with solutions that are timely and economical.  We maintain a wide inventory in stock with the flexibility to rapidly source other products as needed.

Original and Aftermarket Parts

Extensive knowledge of our industry allows us to offer both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket parts along with a broad variety of maintenance and repair supplies.

Hard to Find is Our Specialty

“Hard to find is our specialty” is more than a slogan; it’s a way of life.  Not limited by a catalog or a corporate office, we live it every day to source service parts for our customers to meet their needs and support their business.

We can help with:


A/C Whips Air Purifying Chimney Liner Kits Condenser Pads Duct Booster
AC Aluminized Tape Circuit Boards Controls Duct Tape
Accumulators Bearings Circuit Breakers Copper Fittings & Tubing Electrical
Acetylene Belts Cleaning Chemicals Cutting Tools Electronic Air Cleaner
Adhesive Black Iron Fittings & Pipe CO2 Defrost Time Clocks Expansion Valves
Aftermarket Blower Motors Combustion Analyzers Digital Multimeter Factory Parts
Air Bear Filters Blower Wheels Compression Fittings Direct Drive Motors Fan & Limit Controls
Air Conditioner Parts Boiler Controls Compressors Direct Spark Fan Blades
Air Conditioners Brazing Alloy Condensate Pumps Driers Flare Fittings
Air Handlers Charging Scales Condenser Fan Motors Duct & Fittings Flashlights
. . . .
Flex Duct Fuses Hydronic Heating Valves One Shot PVC Fittings & Pipe
Flue Brushes Gas Valves IAQ Oxygen R22
Flush Kits Gauges Leak Detector Bubbles Phase Monitors R404A
Flux Glycol Leak Detectors Piercing Valves R410A
Foaminator Hard Start Kits Mineral Oil Pilot Assemblies R422A
Freon Hot Shot Motors Pipe Insulation R422B
Furnace Motherboard Hot Surface Igniters MRO Pleated Filters Recovery Machine
Furnace Parts Hot Water Vents Nitrogen POE Oil Recovery Tank
Furnace Pipe Humidifier Pads OEM Parts Pressure Controls Refrigerant Parts
Furnaces Humidity Testers Oils Property MGT Supplies Refrigerants
. . . .
Refrigeration Shafts Solenoid Valves Thermostats Ventilation Eliminators
Refrigeration Oil Sheet Metal Steam Vents Transformers Water Panels
Registers Sheet Metal Screws Suva TXV Valves Whips
Regulators Sheet Metal Tools Temperature Controls Vacuum Pump Oil Wire Nuts
Return Air Grills Sight Glasses Terminal Wires Vacuum Pumps Wire Ties
Sequencers Solder Thermocouples Ventilation And More …

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